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Customer Feedback

I used the "Magic" sheet to bake some cheese biscuits for guests to have with their drinks. Whilst they were in the oven I thought I would check my emails - it was a little while later that I discovered that the room was full of blue smoke! Of course the biscuits were completely burnt but not the "Magic" sheet - the burnt biscuits just fell off - I washed the sheet - good as new!
Anonymous, North Sydney
My kids just love oven-cooked chips! The "Magic" sheet makes them really crisp and you do not have to turn them! Love the product - It's worth every cent! 
Ann, Dennistone
I was a bit skeptical when I was asked to trial this product. Now I use it for everything that I bake - would not cook without it! My husband loves it as he does the washing up! 
Helen, Eastwood 
My thing that I hate most in the world is cleaning the BBQ (doesn't everyone?) 
Now it's a thing of the past - just take the "Magic" sheet off the BBQ and wash in soapy water - ready for use next time! I always used to groan when my wife prepared marinated food for the Barbie, but not now - no more scraping burnt honey off the hotplate. 
Bob, Milsons Point
My wife and I travel extensively in Australia with our caravan and stay at caravan parks for a few days while we decide where to head off to next. We love to BBQ, but sometimes public BBQ plates are not always as clean as you would like them to be. Now we do not have any worries as we use the "Magic" sheet, enjoy our meal, then wash the sheet with the rest of the dishes and we are ready for our stroll on the beach. 
Jim, Avalon